Why Women In Philippines Love Matte Lipsticks So Much?

There is not a single occasion in the world of a woman that goes without applying lipstick. Women in Philippines are known for their naturally beautiful and cute looks and gorgeous black hair. Nowadays, even Filipino women are using makeup, thanks to some best cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers in the Philippines. If there is one makeup product that is dear to all Filipino ladies, it is none other than lipstick, especially matte ones.

In this blog, we will know why matte lipsticks are the best and why they have become so popular among women in the Philippines. So, let’s take a look at the advantages of using matte lipsticks.

Super long-lasting

Matte lipsticks are fabulous for people who do not get time for multiple touch-ups. These lipsticks do not need to be applied often and hence last longer than creamy and glossy lipsticks.


If a lipstick does not have enough pigment then it is not even a lipstick anymore. Matte lipsticks are highly pigmented and come in various shades that’s why more ladies in the Philippines are opting for them.


Glossy or liquid lipsticks look amazing but are prone to smudge after application due to high temperature and other factors. When you are using a matte shade, you do not have to worry about it smudging while having food or drinks.


This is the biggest advantage of matte lipsticks. Unlike liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks are non-sticky which means they will not stain much on your cups, clothes, and spoons.

Suitable for anytime and anywhere

Matte lipsticks can be worn at any time of the day, during any season, and at any place. You can wear your favourite bright red matte lipstick during any party and can stick to neutral matte lip shades for casual meetings.

Classy and natural look

Matte lipsticks add a hint of classiness on your lips. They provide a more natural look than glossy or liquid lipsticks. For women who love minimal makeup, you should definitely go for matte lipsticks.

Matte lipsticks are easily available in Philippines because of many cosmetics wholesale suppliers in the Philippines. Get your favourite shades of matte lipsticks only from the leading online makeup supplier in the Philippines.

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